My name is Rebeca, passionate about design, decoration and my family and I am going to tell you our story.

In 1954, my grandfather, Manuel Escrich Cao, founded the company Artesanía La Galaica.

It was a small company located on the ground floor of his house and from the beginning it was dedicated to the handmade carving of hollow glass, that is, decorative items, tableware, gifts for weddings, etc.

Later on, his two sons, Jose Manuel and Juan Carlos, took over the company, which began to grow and today we are already working with the third generation.

For us and our entire team, it is a very rewarding job, since we can create drawings on the glass and capture ancient art in our products.

No product is the same as another since they are made by hand by expert carvers who need many years of learning to be able to create these works of art.

The manufacturing process is very simple, although it requires great technique.

The piece of glass is incised on a lathe with a diamond wheel and the artisan makes the cuts until creating a drawing on its surface and we already have the carved piece.

In recent years, and adapting to new markets, we have incorporated both sandblasting and laser engraving techniques into our products.

We know that many people like YOU are interested in high-quality products, both for your daily life and for situations in which you have to give a gift and want to look good, for this reason, we put at your disposal our entire team that with much I will gladly advise you on everything you need.

In our online store you can get everything you could want and so that you can start to see our products I invite you to see the selection that we have prepared for you.

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